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Vivpra is preparing to launch it's beta app to assist students in discovering Bachelor degree program options specifically based on Your academic merit, with visibility to selection metrics that matter.

Academic Value   -   Career Start Factors   -   Program Risk Assessment


Vivpra by the Numbers

4-Year Accredited Universities
Program Majors
Programs statistically rated for 2018
Entry level occupations analyzed

How it Works

Step 1


Enter your GPA, subject area of interest, and test scores. Our algorithms will then calculate best academic-fit options, with personalized career and program metrics.

Step 2


Easily compare options side–by-side based on academic fit, academic value, job placement, income and program risk metrics. Drilldown a recommendation to view relevant, progressively expanding content on each program recommendation.

Step 3


Select preferred options by using the Discovery Board features to segregate favorite programs, rank programs, drilldown to details, and take notes seamlessly while comparing Bachelor degree options side-by-side.

Step 4


Now that You are well informed and armed with a short list of preferred Bachelor degree programs, You can now qualify them in person and apply to your favorite colleges with certainty and confidence.

What it Does

Intelligent Search

The process of researching and selecting Bachelor degree programs is an overwhelming effort filled with uncertainty. The Vivpra App uses a search engine and data curation engine that can recommend relevant options based on your academic scores and personal selection criteria.

Digital Data Curation

Our digital data curation environment is an algorithm intense engine that synthesizes, analyzes and normalizes data from various sources to generate relevant deep content. We achieve this by bridging informational gaps with statistical analysis, derive program metrics and then curate the content.

Discovery Dashboard

The discovery board is where you assess selected programs side-by-side, rank program choices and record research information. From the discovery board, the drilldown capability is accessible to research each Bachelor degree option individually in a progressively expanding detail manner.

Note Taking

To assist in the research discovery effort, note taking has been integrated into the App. By taking a note within a given program, the App will automatically group the note to the respective institution, which can be easily accessed at anytime.

Metric Rebalancing

To keep metric data current and relevant, whenever there is a change to your or an institution's academic information, the metric rebalancing algorithm will re-calibrate academic-fit and pertinent institution metric selection data.

Access Anywhere

Vivpra App is accessible from a desktop, laptop or a tablet, so that it can be used from home or on the go. Accessing the App from a tablet requires a Wi-Fi connection.

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